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Eastercon 2014 con report - Friday
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At Eastercon, having a good time in spite of migraine and lack of migraine tablets (now rectified). Got to see a lot of friends, although haven't caught up with everyone. Been to several good panels, in some of which I was that annoying person typing away on the iPad (partly because of the migraine - typing notes was the only way I'd remember a word of it two hours later). There will be at least a partial con report at some point, because I wrote up much of Friday the same night.

I've been a lot more mobile than last year, when I skipped Eastercon altogether because I knew I would be too tired and sore to enjoy it. For the future - I have signed up for full membership of the now-seated 2015 bid, @Dysprosiumcon although not sure yet if I'll be able to make it. Jacey has convinced me to at least consider Milford when I finish the urban fantasy, as I'd like to workshop it through the sf side even if I submit it to a romance publisher. I've not signed up for Novacon, because I probably won't have the time/energy after Worldcon, but maybe this will be the year I finally go...

If you're here and still haven't seen me, come and say hello sometime. I'm here until tomorrow afternoon.

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Books on sale
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My new release, Nice Tie, is 10% off at Loose Id through until Sunday: http://www.loose-id.com/nice-tie.html

And Mindscan has gone off special, but my silkie novel, Spindrift, is now on special for $3.59: http://www.loose-id.com/spindrift.html

My shadowy mistresses at Loose Id would like me to point out that a number of other books are on special, some up to 50% off. You can find the Daily Deals page here (and I must grab the one I had my eye on while it's still on special): http://www.loose-id.com/specials/daily-deals.html

If you're reading books on a Kindle or a Nook, you can still buy your books direct from Loose Id, as they sell .mobi format (for Kindle) and .ePub (for pretty much everything else, including Nook and Kobo). You can find instructions on sideloading to various devices and apps on the Loose Id website: http://www.loose-id.com/faq/

They also seem to have been tarting up the VIP Club while I wasn't paying attention. This one's for the heavy-duty readers -- buy a VIP Club membership, and get 10% off every book you buy direct from Loose Id for the rest of the year, plus a load of other members-only stuff. http://www.loose-id.com/specials/vip-club-2014.html

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Eastercon schedule
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Current plan is to arrive Friday lunchtime, leave late Monday afternoon.

I am not on any panels. I'm also unlikely to be doing much in the way of stewarding etc, because although I'm more mobile than I was at last year's cons, this isn't really saying a lot. I may actually get to more panels than I did at Redemption, though.

I have a shiny new smartphone, the better to have net access while away from home, but have not entirely mastered it yet, as Waveney and Watervole can attest after this morning's series of aborted phone calls. :-) It is also handbag-sized rather than pocket-sized. So I'm still carrying around the old mobile in my pocket, and am most reliably contactable on the old mobile number. Email if you're likely to need it.

Will be glad to meet up with people, but bear in mind that I am likely to tire easily and go to bed relatively early (although I said this 2 years ago and ended up talking to a group of rascafarians until Well Past My Bedtime one night...).

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I need a card to carry
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Conversation elsenet at the weekend led to this thought: I want to be a card-carrying member of the "owning your one star reviews" movement. Literally card-carrying. I think it would be highly amusing to have a nice little laminated card with the logo John Scalzi often uses on his posts regarding same, (for example http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/06/19/and-now-some-one-star-reviews-of-redshirts/) that I can take to cons. It would be handy for conversations where someone genuinely believes the world owes them non-stop five star reviews (as opposed to feeling bruised and wanting to whine to friends before moving on).

I am in two minds whether to have choice examples on the reverse of the card itself, or to quote the last couple of paras of the original post at http://whatever.scalzi.com/2008/04/24/mmmm-one-star-rific/ and affix a slip of paper with current favourites, which changes from con to con. (The rules of the game are as in the original post -- no mocking the reviewers, or siccing the fanbase onto them. The idea is to accept that 20% of the readers will not like your book, and move on. And maybe enjoy the better crafted examples.)

I shall have to see whether I can prod the colour printer into life before Eastercon. Or maybe just slip a couple of copies into my next order from Moo.

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Mindscan on special
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Just spotted that my novella Mindcan is on special this week at Loose Id -- $2.03 instead of the usual $3.99. No idea how long this will last.


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Available now: Nice Tie
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Nice Tie is now available from Loose Id, and you can find the opening scenes on their website at http://www.loose-id.com/nice-tie.html#product_tabs_Excert

It's not on the third party sites yet -- it will show up on the Amazons etc eventually, but it's been so long since I had a novel released that I don't know what the timescale is these days.

More after I get home from the day job.

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Coming Soon: Nice Tie
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Nice Tie is currently scheduled for release in next week's batch of new books from Loose Id. This is subject to the usual caveats about problems in getting the formatted ebook files onto a working server, but you should be able to get your hands on the book on Tuesday. Herewith the blurb and buy link -- excerpt to follow as soon as the approved excerpt is available.

Nice Tie

Nice Tie cover art -- gay romance novel Alex Hall likes watching good-looking men doing up good-looking ties, a kink he can safely indulge on his morning commute as long as he’s discreet. At least until the day he meets new client Robin Wood, whose face seems oddly familiar. Embarrassingly familiar, when Robin recognizes him as “that guy on the bus.”

Lusting after the client and his tie is a really bad idea. Acting on it would be even worse. Which doesn’t stop Alex’s impulsive suggestion when he realizes that Robin's as intrigued as he is awkward. They’re both grown-ups, they can handle the conflict of interest, and if nothing else it will get the awkwardness out of the way. And there’s a cheap hotel at the end of their bus route.

Just one date. One night for Alex to enjoy watching beautiful hands managing a tie with style. One night for Robin with a man who can understand his own grooming kink, even if it’s not quite the same as Alex’s. One night, and then just good friends, while they’re working together. Nobody else’s business.

But Robin has entirely too much experience with romance at work, and the past isn’t staying past.

ISBN: 978-1-62300-771-3
Publisher: Loose Id
Author: Jules Jones
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Length: 42,000 words
Price: $5.99

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spring must be here
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I think it must be spring because earlier today I saw my first bumblebee of the year. Granted, I'm in the South Wet for the weekend, and it's (allegedly) warmer Down South, but it's definitely spring.

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trib copy!
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Got home tonight to find a large and somewhat battered padded envelope in the postbox. I wondered what it was, and then realised that it was the size and shape of two Mammoth anthologies. :-) And indeed, it was from Constable & Robinson, with one copy each of the UK and US editions of Urban Erotic Confessions. According to the cover, "over 50 real-life tales of sex in the city". A hefty paperback available soon from all good book retailers, also in ebook format for the shy amongst you.

That's three Mammoth ToCs for me now. I have a soft spot for this imprint, across its genres, so it pleases me to have that many dead tree anthology credits courtesy of the imprint.

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