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RIP Peter Tuddenham 1918 - 2007
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Peter Tuddenham died on 9 July, according to a report at the Horizon news page. He was probably best known for playing the computers Zen, Orac and Slave on Blake's 7, but had a wide-ranging career as a voice actor.

I only met him once, at the Blake's 7 twentieth anniversary con in 1998. He was a charming man with a great store of entertaining stories about his time in vaudeville -- a living fragment of our entertainment history. The thing that I particularly remember was that I'd won breakfast with him one morning (breakfast with a guest is a common fund-raising raffle prize at cons), and he was late because he wasn't feeling well -- and he couldn't apologise enough for being late, even though he was a frail man in his late seventies by then, and it was quite understandable that he was finding the con very tiring. It reflects what I've heard about him from other people; that he was unfailingly friendly, courteous and considerate, and appreciative of fans' interest.

He was much loved by fans, with reason. May he rest in peace.

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Oh, nononononooooo... :::cries:::

I've been half expecting it for years, because he was in his eighties, and he was very frail-looking even when I met him nine years ago, but it still upset me. :-(

Yes, not really a surprise but still... So very sad - He was such a gentleman. :-(

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