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Yog's Law: Money flows *towards* the author

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Hmmm, I appear to have read 37 of those and own most of those I have read. I do own a complete Shakespeare - actually, probably 2 now, having inherited most of my aunt's books - but have not actually read it, yet. Likewise I've dipped into Strunk and White. It's pure co-incidence that the only Aickens I've read (apart from a Christmas Carol) is one of the 2 listed and I only read that because, well, if Spock gave it to Kirk it must be worth reading, right? *g* My nerdness, let me show you it.

I actually tackled Joyce's Ulysses as a young teen because it was a minor plot element in one of Blish's books... (Failed to get anywhere with it.)

I've read more of those than I thought I might have. Pity they don't have a category for 'tried and gave up on', though... ;) And I'm reading Kostova's The Historian right now!

I did make a note for {partial}, but didn't distinguish between the ones I gave up on, the ones I haven't finished for other reasons, and the ones that are essentially anthologies (complete Shakespeare).

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