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acceptance: Nice Tie
7 bit ASCII
Email this morning to say that Nice Tie has been accepted by Loose Id, subject to the usual tweaks. :-) So the rest of my free time this week is going to be taken up with reading the fine print on contract paperwork, as I've out of circulation for so long that all of the paperwork is different now.

Mirror of http://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/256179.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments.

As always you can check with me if you wish.

Pleased to hear it. Look forward to being able to buy it.

Although I'm also finding stuff now via Amazon, I still use Loose ID where authors are on both, because I'm very happy with PDF format and I appreciate them gathering decent authors together. :)

Glad to hear about the acceptance. I look forward to reading the story. :)