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Yog's Law: Money flows *towards* the author

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You're producing a good amount of wordage on a monthly basis. I think anyone would be pushed to write three stories in a month to good quality, whatever the wordage. And of course 2 out of 3 is never bad. ;)

Basically, don't let 'deadlines' push you beyond your comfort zone - that way lies burn out. :)

The risk of burnout is why I'm going, "Yeah, not going to do the one with the longest minimum length requirements." :-)

It turns out that there are only 2 for the beginning of July -- I'd forgotten that Barbara had moved the deadline for the Mammoth anthology back by a month, so that's end of July now. Nevertheless, I think I'll still be skipping the really long one.

I did have a trawl through the trunk, and found something that might actually work as the basis for the long one -- it's an unpublished 4.2 kword I wrote to submit to an S/M anthology years ago, and I always felt that it felt a bit cramped at that length, so I could probably expand it to 8 kwords quite easily. But it's old enough that I'd probably have to rewrite from scratch, rather than adding to the existing text. I'd rather give myself plenty of time to work on something for the anthology with shorter length requirements.

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