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Moved to DreamWidth

In light of the changes in the LiveJournal Terms of Service in early 2017, and the manner in which they were implemented, I moved to Dreamwidth. I had already been cross-posting for some years, but had been running full mirroring on the posts and allowing comments on both sites. I decided that I would continue to cross-post, but turned comments on the LiveJournal copy, change most of the existing posts on LJ to friends-only, and go through every so often and friends-lock the LJ mirror of new posts; not least because I saw no reason why I should provide free content for LJ's benefit when LJ started showing advertising on my posts to readers who weren't logged in even though I had a paid account.

I don't intend to entirely delete this mirror, as some of my friends are still here and not planning to move to Dreamwidth. You should, however, assume that this LiveJournal account may be deleted at some point. If you're staying on LiveJournal only, or using it as your primary feed, please follow the RSS feed for my Dreamwidth account.

Lots of my friends have moved, but I haven't tracked down everyone on Dreamwidth yet - please comment if you want to let me know where/who you are, including if you're staying on LJ so I can make sure I have your feed on my DW following page. ( I can do the equivalent of friending your LJ account so you can see my locked DW posts from your LJ account.)

If you're on DreamWidth and looking for me, I'm https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/

Twitter is https://twitter.com/bookfetishist
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 So this morning's accidental experiment demonstrated that a) I can get almost as far as the bus stop without noticing that I've forgotten my walking stick, b) I really don't want to go back to fetch it without then having a little rest before venturing out again and would rather just get on the bus for a nice sit-down, especially when I'll be late for work if I don't. (Boss would understand, but it would still be embarrassing.)

I don't need it for walking for less half an hour, and haven't for at least a year now. What I *do* need it for is support if I have to stand in one spot for too long, where "too long" is a couple of minutes. Standing hurts in a way that walking doesn't. I also need it to stand or for balance when there is a reason to suddenly stop walking, such as my weak ankle suddenly deciding that walking without rolling is too much like hard work, a sudden stab of pain from the various places that did need a stick for so many years, and migraine dizzy spells. The walk from the bus station to the office and then back in the evening reminded me of just how often that happens when I'm walking on a cobbled pedestrianised area.

At least the bus was sufficiently quiet going home that I didn't have to explain to anyone that I did really need the mobility impaired seat, could they please move their shopping, but I did feel bad this morning when someone else who could probably also have done with one got on when both seats were already occupied.

I should really go to the gym now I'm fully vaccinated, but my area is seeing cases spike again, and vaccination isn't 100%, it just makes your risk a lot, lot lower. Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/670055.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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Fruit bread

I had three slightly elderly eggs to use up, and wanted to cook them thoroughly on account of them being elderly. My barm brack recipe only uses one egg, so I decided to try the fruit tea bread in the recipe book for my bread machine. There was a slight lack of mixed dried fruit, chopped dates, cherries and walnuts in the house. There were, however, sultanas, currants, a pack of elderly dried pineapple, a pack of soft dried banana slices, and a lot of cashew nuts. So I substituted. :-) I also added an extra ounce of flour and a little extra bicarb after looking at the amount of liquid I had. It was very nice and I want to record what I did so I can do it again.
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Signal boosting: Would you like some free F/F?

From https://rachelmanija.dreamwidth.org/2460445.html - contact Rachel through the details in that post.

Want to get advance copies of new F/F books? Join the Kalikoi ARC team!

Kalikoi publishes F/F in genres including paranormal, fantasy, historical, and contemporary.

If you join, you will get free copies of all of our books in the hope that you will write HONEST reviews. They will be sent as ebooks. You don’t have to read every book, just the ones you’re interested in. Reviews must state that you received an ARC of the book for free with no obligation to review. Reviews can be very short, ie, one paragraph.

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To do/done list

First on the list - post a non-locked post to say hi, still here, fully vaccinated now.

Next - go through my account Circle and unsubscribe from a few things I never read these days. Also give access to a couple of people. It's a little sad looking at the list of people in my circle who used to post frequently and haven't posted for months or years. I know some of them are still around because they post on Twitter, but with others it's "Have they just moved to FaceBook, or are they not posting anywhere at all?"

Done one thing - the Absolute Write forums are back, yay! And I have requested and received my password for the Erotica NSFW sub-forum, yay! And posted in the main Erotica forum to pitifully plead for help in getting the wretched thing to let me put in said password...

Went through my "writing" tag looking for something, got sucked in, and now feel the need to do am updated Trunk Thoughts post. Even got as far as looking at a couple of submissions guidelines in case there was something I could submit a couple of finished novellas to - and it turns out that one might be willing to consider reprints of books orphaned by the closure of their previous publishers.

Yes, I really need to work on finishing one of the WIPs, but I'm still dancing on the tightrope of just managing to work full time, so that's a long term aim.

I also need to do something about my pro site, but honestly that is not a job I even want to use clock cycles on, whereas putting words on paper/electrons is.

Probably ought to say something about the books I've been reading, but we all know how well *that* resolution goes every year. :-) Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/669128.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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cuddling my Kobo

I lost my Kobo Touch last month, probably by leaving it on a bus. Granted it was 7 years old, but it was still working perfectly well even if complaining about the number of books I'd stuffed into it. Getting a new one would involve a) money, b) actual thinking about what I wanted as a replacement. I took to eBay to see if I could find a cheap old one, and found WH Smith's outlet shop with a pile of refurbished Kobos they'd obviously found down the back of the sofa. So I bought a Touch *and* a Mini for £20 each, plus a couple of silicon sleeves for the Touch, because of course my original fancy leather book-style cover had gone along with the actual device.

The Touch is a bit temperamental but functioning well enough that I wasn't going to send it back. The Mini... was not. It couldn't connect to the Kobo servers, and it has to do this at least once to complete setup, even if you never connect it to Kobo again.

There was a Thing in 2019, with a new software update for most models but only as one last update push to the Mini, and after that if you hadn't already synched a Mini to get the update you would have to go to the website and install it manually before being able to synch with the servers again. Fair enough. I went to the website, and the Mini just sat looking pitifully at the server saying that it couldn't download, please synch again. I went and pulled out my previous Mini, which I hadn't used for some years other than to do the synch to get the update, and it was perfectly happy chatting to the servers. So the shiny new refurbished one has gone back to Smith's. :-( I'm not sure it was even a refurbished one, as it was in a sealed original box, and may have just been surplus stock left over when they stopped selling them, so presumably it never got the update.

As for the Touch, I prefer having ereaders in a rigid cover to protect the screen when tossed in a backpack. Back to eBay - and there was someone flogging a batch of the original branded covers! Brand new, and in original packaging. One arrived this morning, and it really is either the real thing or a good enough counterfeit that I'm happy to have it. The only thing not working is the sleep function when I close the cover.

I'll have to buy a new one sooner or later, but if this one manages to keep me going for another year I'll be very happy. Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/668509.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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defunct email addresses

Thought I'd better mention that my old Demon email addresses have gone the way of the dodo, and did so some time ago. I can't remember whether I mentioned it at the time, and it's always possible someone's tried to send stuff there and never heard back, not even a "no account at this address" bounceback. That includes all of the email addresses at my Demon sub-domain that I used for various fannish activities, including the zine submission address and usenet addresses. The GMail addresses are all still live but not necessarily checked regularly. Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/668402.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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Pfizer part 2

Had my second dose on Wednesday, and once again had migraine aura, although this time it improved enough after getting to the observation room that it was clear that it was just aura. The vaccination centre has fluorescent lights and lots of people talking, even if not loudly, so not a surprise I was feeling a bit bleaurgh.

I was fine for the rest of the day, and got a good night's sleep, but started feeling feverish and achy yesterday afternoon. I could have dragged myself into work yesterday and this morning, but am glad I didn't have to. Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/667687.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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Vaccine comparisons

 Not enough for a statistically valid sample, but of the handful of people at work who've had their jab, the Astra Zeneca seems to have more side-effects than the Pfizer. The latter is sore arm and tiredness from waking up during the night after rolling onto the tender bit. The former seems to come with feeling washed out and shivery for a few days in addition. Nobody's had anything worse than that and none of us are sorry to have had it. :-) Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/666656.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.
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I think there are one or two of my friends who knew Pol who read my DreamWidth but not the ones where the news has already been posted. Paul Brown, also known in fandom as Pol and Dapol, died suddenly on Monday. A memorial page has been set up - details are on his wife's Dreamwidth at https://supermouse.dreamwidth.org/81836.html.

He was 46.

I'm still having trouble taking it in. I first met Pol online in alt.fan.pratchett over twenty years ago. We met up occasionally in meatspace over the time since, mostly at cons but also in other places. He was enormously kind to me when I first moved back from California by providing transport to several fan events. He was one of the people I always looked forward to seeing at cons. Nobody got to go to Eastercon last year because of lockdown, so I hadn't seen him for a couple of years. Last week I was thinking that with any luck next year's Eastercon would be in a hotel and not just online, and I'd get to see him again. And now he's gone, and he was only 46.

Rest peacefully, Pol. You are much loved and will be much missed. Mirror of https://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/666561.html, where it has received comment count unavailable comments. Please comment there.