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Jules Jones

Yog's Law: Money flows *towards* the author

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7 bit ASCII
Having another one of my bouts of blocking writers who follow me on Twitter purely by coincidence as they're pushing their latest books. One of the reasons I *don't* follow the marketing advice pushed at writers to follow everyone on every social network under the sun is that I know how I react to it as a reader... I suppose I shouldn't block people just because they've followed 10k accounts and have only 1k following them, because it gets *my* follower count up and makes me look less like a spammer myself when I follow someone because they're interesting. I just have the occasional bout of Being Annoyed by this nonsense, particularly when there's a bout of the spam. I swear there are Kindle self-pub groups out there reinforcing each other with daft promo ideas one of them's picked up somewhere.

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