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Jules Jones

Yog's Law: Money flows *towards* the author

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I'm a scientist by trade, but I also write. Nowadays I write cross-genre romance for a small press. I used to write fanfic, and may do so again. I also ramble on at length in my LJ. Most of my published stuff (that I'm admitting to on *this* page, anyway, I'm not giving you the ISBNs for the scientific publications) is in ebook format, though I also have a couple of dead tree fiction credits. If you like science fiction with a gay romance plot, and possibly oodles of sex, pop over to my website for free samples and instructions on where to buy the books.

I have another, read-only, LJ with a collection of writing-related feeds: wildfancies
and a WordPress blog to mirror selected highlights (mostly my reviews and the occasional serious post about writing): http://julesjones.wordpress.com

And I'm active on Librarything, where you'll find part of my book collection catalogued.

Friending: originally I only friended people whose LJs I read regularly, as in every day when I have adequate net access. I've switched to using a Default View that automatically displays only those LJs, so now I'm likely to friend someone back if they friend me and it looks like an LJ I'll read occasionally when my wrists are up to it. However, I don't automatically friend back anyone who friends me, and I won't necessarily read anyone I do friend. Below is what I used to say about friending. It still pretty much applies to my default view, although I may have occasional locked posts for crit groups and the like. This is my reading list, not a list of people I'm friends with, and I really, really wish LJ would change the terminology. I'm a couple of decades too old to be interested in teen politics revolving around popularity contests...

My friends list is not a list of my friends. It is (mostly) a list of the LJs I need or want to read frequently enough that it's worth my while having them all on one meta-bookmark. I have RSI, and an aversion to HTML, so there are many of my dear and good friends who aren't on my friends list because I physically *can't* read all the relevant LJs. There's no need to worry about not being able to read my friends-locked entries, because there aren't any. If it's *that* private, it goes by email... It's conceivable that if you friend this LJ, I may friend you back from my other LJ. There are reasons for this. They're complicated, so don't worry about it.:-)

I don't mind if people friend me, but if you've friended me because I said something on someone else's LJ that you thought terribly insightful or interesting, you may be disappointed. I know I have a tendency to fly off the handle, so I usually sit on my hands when some exciting topic of conversation hits LJ. By the time I've thought about what I want to say and if I should say it, someone else has started a good-looking thread, and I end up posting there instead. My own LJ is mostly boring writer stuff, and ongoing "context is for the weak" conversations with people I've known a long time.

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